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    A clinical trial is a study in which a new treatment is assessed.There are legal requirements on how a trial should be run.If you choose to join a...

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    Before you make a decision about joining a clinical trial, make sure you fully understand what’s involved.There will be benefits and risks to joining any clinical trial.Discuss...

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  • Half of H.I.V. Patients Are Women. Most Research Subjects Are Men.

    Trials of vaccines and treatments have not included enough female participants. Now that scientists are exploring possible cures, the need to enroll women is greater than ever.

    31 May 2019 | New York Times
  • UCSD has not told women with HIV of data breach, despite researchers' pleas

    University of California San Diego officials stonewalled attempts to notify women in an HIV research study that their confidential data was breached more than seven months ago, an inewsource investigation has found. UCSD researchers conducting the EmPower Women study told university officials in October that participants’ names, audio-taped conversations and other sensitive materials were made accessible to everyone working at Christie’s Place, a San Diego nonprofit supporting women with HIV and AIDS.

    15 May 2019 | inewsource
  • Despite Uptick, Black and Latinx People Have Relatively Low Participation in HIV Vaccine Trials

    Black and Latinx people historically have not willfully participated in clinical trials in high numbers. Medical mistrust of research and health care institutions has long been a problem for conducting biomedical research. So what's causing the racial disparities in research participation, and what are researchers doing about it?

    14 May 2019 | The Body Pro
  • The largest study involving transgender people is providing long-sought insights about their health

    The research examines once taboo questions about the impacts of gender transition. The European Network for the Investigation of Gender Incongruence (ENIGI) is the largest scientific study of transgender people in the world, now with 2600 participants, and is unique because it is prospective, studying the impact of hormone and other therapies on their health over the long term.

    25 April 2019 | Nature
  • Why Do Study Participants Misreport Their HIV Status?

    Why do some study volunteers misreport their HIV status to researchers? Maybe they misunderstood the conditions for incentive payments or the question itself, speculated the authors of a recent study on the subject. Or maybe the questions were not phrased in a way that is easy for laypersons to understand, countered David Malebranche, M.D., M.P.H., of Morehouse School of Medicine.

    24 April 2019 | The Body Pro
  • Effective HIV Interventions Have Changed the Approach to Trials

    In the past, individuals who were at high risk for HIV infection and who were enrolled in placebo-controlled prevention trials had been typically randomly assigned to either an experimental agent or placebo. However, that trial design—and the way those trials were interpreted—has shifted. This was the topic of discussion during David Dunn’s session yesterday at the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) 2019. Dunn is a researcher at University College London in the United Kingdom.

    11 March 2019 | Infectious Diseases Consultant
  • Mind the Gap: The Burden of HIV Among Racial and Ethnic Minority Groups and Their Participation in Preventive HIV Vaccine Clinical Trials

    An analysis conducted by the HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN) observed an overall increase in the proportion of racial and ethnic minorities enrolled in Phase 1 and Phase 2A preventive HIV vaccine clinical trials in the United States between 2002 and 2016 compared to 1988 to 2002. The findings were published on December 5, 2018 in Public Health Reports.

    16 February 2019 | HIV Vaccine Trials Network
  • While The NHS Drags Its Heels On PrEP, This Is How Men Are Being Affected

    Although NHS England increased places in the PrEP Impact Trial to 13,000 participants in summer and recently said it hopes to extend this to 26,000 before 2020, it is yet to confirm when these places will become available – or what will happen when the three-year trial is up. Around 40% of trial clinics across England are currently turning away gay and bisexual men due to oversubscription, according to the Terrence Higgins Trust. Six men who’ve failed to access PrEP have told HuffPost UK the experience has left them feeling “depressed”, “anxious” and “frustrated”.

    12 February 2019 | Huffington Post
  • Correlation between HIV, rectal gonorrhea could help PrEP trial designs

    Rectal gonorrhea incidence may serve to estimate what HIV incidence would have been had trial participants not received PrEP, according to study findings.

    12 February 2019 | Healio
  • Family duty is a powerful force in China. Is that why so many couples signed up for the ‘CRISPR babies’ experiment?

    Young adults in China feel a powerful cultural obligation to marry and have kids, but that life plan suddenly looks unattainable to people told they’re infected with HIV, particularly for the many who can’t afford or are unaware of treatments that would allow them to have uninfected children. So when an ambitious scientist offered HIV-positive men and their spouses what seemed to be a way out of this despair, several hundred couples in China jumped at the chance, expressing interest in a clinical trial that promised to deliver them babies forever protected from HIV infections.

    15 January 2019 | STAT
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Community Consensus Statement on Access to HIV Treatment and its Use for Prevention

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We can end HIV soon if people have equal access to HIV drugs as treatment and as PrEP, and have free choice over whether to take them.

Launched today, the Community Consensus Statement is a basic set of principles aimed at making sure that happens.

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